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12/04/1389 - Gaining dominant titles by Golsar Fars Company in ceremony of Industry and Mine Day

منبع خبر : Golsarfars NewsTeam

The reminiscence ceremony of National Industry and Mine Day was preformed by presence of country official agents, the minister and officials of Industry and Mine Ministry and many gatherings of country’s craftsmen and miners in July 3, 2010, in the Officials Congress Hall that the ceremony was based on the goal of surviving achievements, celebrating the dominants and introducing future procedures.
Reported by Iran economic news (econews.ir), in this ceremony, the appreciation tablet and special statue of Industry and Mine Day was presented to 74 electives of Industry and Mine precinct of country including 27 industrial units, 9 mine units, 9 mineral manufactures units, 10 industrial protagonists, 3 top explores, 2 Research and Development centers. 2 top engineering centers, 2 top Scientific Researches centers, 3 active centers in the field of statistics configuration, an industrial zone, a top industrial district and workshop unit, and these people and units were appreciated.

In this day, Golsar Fars Company was selected as Country’s top industrial unit, country top unit in superior productions, top unit of Country Research and Development for sequential second year.
During this ceremony, the honorable president and honorable Industry Minster presented the appreciation tablet and statue of Industry and Mine Day to Golsar Company’s board of director, Engineer Shaygan.
Moreover, the Research and Development Unit of Golsar Fars Company was selected as the top research and development unit of country in group of non-metal minerals. So, in ceremony of “second creativity and originality exhibition in arena of Industry and Mine” which was performed in the evening of the same day in international congress hall, the top research and development units in different groups were appreciated that in non-metal minerals groups, Golsar Fars Company was known as Top Research and Development of 1388 for sequential second year.
In selecting top production of country, Golsar Company’s production was selected as top country production of 1388.
Along this, a ceremony was also performed by Industry and Mine Organization of Fars province in Shiraz that this organ presented rewards to county and country electives.
In this ceremony was performed at 17 to 20 pm in June 30, 2010 and by presence of Engineer Sheikhniya (the accessory of human source and industry ministry), DR. Shahpari (head director of Industry and Mine Organization of Fars province), Dr.Ahmadzade (Governor of Fars province), Engineer Zolanavar (agent of Shiraz people in Islamic parliament) Engineer Razeghi (boss of Commercial Room), Engineer Farghani (head of Fars directors association), Dr.Mosleh, directors of Golsar Company, research and development experts and some electives of Fars Industry, and Golsar Fars Company received appreciation tablet and reminiscence statue
کلیه حقوق برای شرکت چینی بهداشتی گلسار فارس محفوظ است / پیاده سازی از شرکت مهندسی نیل وی فارس